Postcards from Spirit Oracle Deck

Hello my lovelies!

I’m currently on vacation in Fort Myers, Florida and there is this super adorable metaphysical shop called the Mystical Moon not too far from where I am staying. Stopped in the other day and picked up a new Oracle deck for myself called “Postcards from Spirit” by Colette Baron-Reid. It is so wonderful.

She states in the booklet, “On the other side of the veil is a sacred place–an invisible yet vital dimension within the vast, loving consciousness called Spirit. Here is where your loved ones who have passed on, you ancestors, your spirit guides, and your guardian angels communicate with one another, sharing wisdom and love. Call on any of them, and these benevolent entities within Spirit will respond with gentle guidance and reminders that you are under divine direction and divine protection and always loved for who you are unconditionally.

Together these loving beings of light know about every aspect of your life’s journey. They can see what you cannot: that you, a unique and beautiful soul, came into human form to have certain experiences, and you forgot how life could be as challenging and even painful at times as it is joyful, peaceful, and even miraculous at other times.” “…I hope that using these oracle cards is like opening your mailbox to be delighted by an unexpected postcard inside with a message just for you.”

I was sitting out by the pool and as I shuffled my cards, I was called to pull one for YOU my dears! Someone out there must need some guidance and I am happy to oblige!

‘Dearest You,

We know everything in the universe is perfect even in its flaws, and we view the creations of Spirit in total awe. All is unique yet part of a unity of existence. But the human experience is a little different from ours. You tend to have a specific standard for what you consider ideal, and this isn’t serving you right now. So forget your idea of perfection and see through our eyes, allowing things to be as they are, without judgment. Don’t wait until a perfect moment or mood to start something, instead, enter life will all its “flawsomeness.” You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Let others be who they are too: imperfect and human, complex or simple. It doesn’t matter, for there is always something to discover, experience, and love. When you drop the need for an ideal, you uncover the real treasure, which will be far more interesting and valuable.

Loving you like crazy!”

To whoever is out there that needed to hear that message, I hope it really helps! Sometimes things seem overwhelming but all we have to do it step back and take a look at it from another perspective and sometimes that perspective is looking through the eyes of Spirit!

I hope you have a wonderful day lovelies, maybe I’ll start pulling cards for you more often! I have PLENTY of different decks to pick from!!

Until next time, I leave you in peace, love, and light! – Heather

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