Good afternoon my lovelies!

We’ve talked about vibrational frequencies, we’ve talked about energies, and we’ve talked about starseeds. Now, let’s talk about Empaths.

The term “empath” is used both in the field of psychology to describe a person that displays a great deal of empathy, sometimes to the point of taking on someone else’s emotional pain as their own, and also in the spiritual communities, as someone with psychic abilities that can feel and absorb other peoples emotions and energies. Sometimes, they can even feel someone’s physical pain as well. This is due to their highly sensitive nature.

Being an empath is a challenging thing, especially in today’s world. They are prone to panic attacks, depression, chronic pain and fatigue, drug and alcohol addictions, and other physical symptoms such as hair-loss, hives or other skin rashes, and any number of others that cannot otherwise be medically explained.

Things don’t have to remain so bad, however. There are a number of ways to balance and center oneself to combat the negative effects. First, let me share with you some traits of the empath to see if you can relate:

High Sensitivities: Empaths are often told that they are “too sensitive” or “overly emotional” because things affect them so thoroughly, which is both overwhelming and exhausting. Have you ever been speaking with a friend that is going through a rough time and you start to feel their pain as your own? Maybe you can pick up on slight changes in body language or the tone of someones voice that others cannot. Continued exposure to these feelings definitely weighs on the mind, body, AND soul. However, empaths can also absorb peace and love and absolutely flourish in these situations.

Have you ever been around someone, be it friend, family member, significant other, etc and your soul just felt completely at ease, or even light and bouncy? This is the type of energy empaths want to surround themselves with. You’ll be amazed at the change in yourself when you start to make these types of relationships a priority.

Introversion: This one plays along with the high-sensitivities but also deserves its own category. Empaths are often overwhelmed in crowds or even small groups of high-energy people so they prefer to avoid these types of situations. Even extroverted empaths sometimes have to limit the time they spend around a lot of people. Again, because empaths are so highly sensitive, they need time alone to rest and recharge their batteries, so to speak.

Maybe you have noticed yourself getting antsy and uncomfortable at a party where there is a little too much going on? TV on in the background, someone playing music, multiple conversations happening at the same time, while trying to focus on something like a card game? Been there, done that, and it’s not a good feeling.

Intuition and Understanding: Intuition is one of the most important traits of the empath. They can always tell how someone is feeling even if that person can’t quite put it into words.

Ever had a conversation with someone who is fumbling around trying to express what is going on in their head but they can’t quite get it out? Even as they’re trying their hardest to make you understand, you sit there and nod, knowing what they are trying to say without actually saying it?

Fear of Intimate Relationships: Since empaths can sense every minute change in mood, every minor irritation, and even every lie, relationships can be draining. Even the positive emotions can become too much and the empath will feel like they are being “taken over” by the other person. Living together presents its own problems as well. Since the other person’s energy is now permeating the empath’s living space, sometimes it feels like there in an intruder in their home. Some combat this by having a room that is their own private slice of sanctuary where they can have alone time and decompress from the constant toll on their senses.

Have you been in a relationship and you feel like you are losing your sense of self? That you are becoming more and more like the other person every day? Consider the sanctuary room mentioned above. Just take a break, read a book, meditate, draw, anything that YOU enjoy and see how you feel. Don’t lose yourself my dears.

Calming Presence: Creatures are naturally drawn to empaths and their calming, healing nature. Adults, children, pets, even stray animals, all feel that emotional connection when an empath is near. People typically turn to their most empathic friends for advice, or even just to chat even without knowing why they chose that person in particular. Empaths are particularly good listeners and will wait patiently for someone to say what they need to say before responding from the heart and not just the head.

Have you ever had someone come up to you randomly, like when you’re standing in line at a shop, or just out in a crowded area and they just pour out their life story or anything that may be bothering them at the time? They feel that empathic connection and just know that you can help them, even if it’s just by listening for awhile.

Vibes Matter: This is another one that overlaps with the “High Sensitivities” section but also deserves it’s own deeper look. Empaths are sensitive to the feelings or vibes of their surroundings. Sometimes this has a calming effect like libraries, museums, a beautiful park or garden, the beach, etc. Other times it goes toward the negative, such as a messy or disorganized home or room, bumper to bumper traffic, hospitals, anywhere there is excessive noise, smells, or sounds. Prolonged exposure to the negative vibes can have a serious impact on an empath, whereas prolonged exposure to the positive things can cause them to grow more than ever.

I can always tell when I need to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of things and just take time to relax. I love to be out in nature and just let it absorb all the gunk that has accumulated over time. Are you the same way?

Bottling Emotions: Because empaths know what it’s like to sometimes be bombarded with emotions and problems, they tend to keep their own bottled up. They don’t want to feel like they are bothering other people. This can be a serious problem because after awhile, the top blows off that bottle and everything comes spewing out, sometimes on the wrong people or at the wrong time.

Please, please, please, my lovelies, talk about things that bother you as they come up, don’t hold onto them and let them fester over time because things will just be worse for you in the long run.

Targeted by Energy Vampires: I know the term ‘energy vampire” sounds a little odd but they really are a thing. Narcissists are a type of energy or emotional vampire because they  lack their own empathy and instead feed off of the empaths kind and loving energy while giving nothing in return. Drama queens and those that feed off gossip are another type of energy vampire. Basically anyone that tries to push your buttons or make you behave a certain way are vampires. They make you feel tired and drained, can instantly put you in a sour mood, or they put you down, and snap at you over insignificant things.


So, now you’ve read some of the main traits of the empaths and you’re thinking, “OK, this explains a lot about me, now how do I combat all the negative aspects?” Well let me tell you.

  • Ground yourself: Step out into nature everyday if you can, preferably barefoot, and let Mother Nature absorb all the negative energy buildup of the day.
  • Shield yourself: Visualize a bright, white bubble of energy all around you that will let in all the love, peace, and good vibes, while keeping out the negative.
  • Set Some Boundaries: Since empaths have a desire to help everyone, it is important to learn when to say “NO”. Too much time spent listening to stressful people, stressful situations, and the like will cause you to drain yourself emotionally.
  • Let It Go: Each night, think about how you felt throughout the day. Learn to discern between your feelings and feelings that came from someone else. Let go of anything that is not yours; their problems are not your burden to bear.
  • Do You: Take at least an hour or two every day to do something that brings you joy, comfort, and peace.
  • Practice Self-Compassion: Empaths find it easy to be compassionate towards others but not themselves. If you’re suffering, notice it, know that it is OK, and work towards changing it. DO NOT chastise yourself, you’re doing the best you can.
  • Salt Baths: Sea salt, Epsom salt, or regular old table salt if that’s what you have, is wonderful for removing built up negative energy. Toss some in a warm bath and soak for awhile.
  • Avoid Negative Media: Try not to watch the news if you can. Stay away from horror movies, anything gory, or that depicts violence of any kind.


I know this was a long post everyone, so if you made it this far: WOOO!!! GO YOU!!! To finish it off, I just want to say that if you are an empath or are lucky enough to have an empath, (or many!) in your life, just love them. Love them because they love you and unconditional love is one of the only things we have in this world during this human experience that can cut through all the bad shit and help us heal. Please understand that they have unique sensitivities and don’t make them feel bad about needing downtime or space. Empaths already feel so much bad stuff everyday, they deserve to feel loved by those that they are closest to.

With that my dears, I leave you in Peace, Love, and Light – Heather



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